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Corporate Responsibility

At Delta Ventilation we believe in ethical, honest and responsible business practice. We place great importance on the effects our business may have economically, socially and on the environment, worldwide. Through good governance we continue to aim to develop our business in a way that supports innovation, sustainability, the efficient use of natural resources through innovative designs whilst supporting our employees and the communities in which we operate.

Economic & Environmental Approach

At Delta Ventilation we believe in adding value and competitive edge to our clients business by offering design solutions with good economic and environmental outcomes.  This enables us to add to our clients competitive advantage and thus to their continued success in what is both a complex and highly competitive industry.

We pride ourselves on our ability to Value Engineer projects on behalf of clients when the demands of top-end specifications threaten budget control;  Delta’s Value Engineering expertise has proven itself successfully on many schemes in the UK and overseas.

Award-Winning Outcomes

At Delta we couple our Value Engineering practices to Sustainability and Environmental Impact factors.  Our interest in these areas has led directly to our award winning ‘green products’ with low air leakage and high thermal insulation rates delivered in our innovative designs.

CDM - Construction Design & Management

In line with government regulations, Delta Ventilation has a comprehensive CDM policy in place. This ensures that from design to construction we are fully compliant with CDM regulations.

Health & Safety Policy

Delta’s ethical business practice encompasses strict adherence to our Health & Safety procedures. We aim to ensure the wellbeing and safety of our employees, subcontractors and members of the public at all stages of project management and actively seek progressive improvement in our safety performance.


Our Policy documents are readily available upon request. Contact Us.